Tobo is a small group of people dedicated to the creation of inspiring and engaging smart entertainment for kids age 2 to 102. Located in Montreal, Canada, the team has produced several award-winning projects and is currently working on a few properties. Come see!

The Tobobits

The digital world is an integral part of the lives of 4- to 7-year-olds. Born at the same time as tablets and smartphones, children know how to use connected devices but don't necessarily fully understand them.

The Tobobits is a playful and humorous series which tackles major themes such as technology, coding and digital communications. Using humour, adventure and endearing characters, the series aims to help kids understand what is happening behind their screens.

Format: animation
Target: 4 to 7

TV: 7 min x 13 episodes
Interactive: interactive games, coding app, connected objects
Print: magazine comic strip


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Faced with a major migratory crisis, it has become necessary to address the issue of migration with children and put words on this phenomenon. Dounia is a series which aims to help kids understand the reality of migration and the feelings of displaced children.

Forced to leave their native Syria, Dounia and her grandparents go on a journey to find a new home. As she crosses different lands in search of an asylum, Dounia meets people and lives various adventures. And whenever she encounters challenges which seem too great, the wisdom of the ancient world - in the form of her grandma's nigella seeds - comes to her rescue. 

Format : animation
Target: 6 to 9

TV: 7 min x 6 episodes
Print: illustrated book
Interactive: augmented reality app
Podcast : 6 episodes 

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The Ideal Exhibition with Hervé Tullet

The webseries The Ideal Exhibition with Hervé Tullet invites young and old to unleash their creativity!

Hervé Tullet, artist of playful and uninhibited creation, orchestrates the project with his favorite tools: colors, papers, brushes, scissors. He initiates the audience to art and transmits his passion, which may ultimately lead to their own personal Ideal Exhibition!

Format: live action
Target: 6 to 9 

5ebseries: 3'40 x 19 episodes + 3 extras
Interactive: creation of a collective virtual exhibition (#idealexhibition)
More info: Facebook page , additional material for educators

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Tobo Studio

Tobo is also an interactive production studio. Visit Tobo Studio’s website to know more about us!

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